Sunday, June 17, 2012


So... yesterday I moved back to Provo! YAY! I'm here for a fun summer semester of career exploration and P.E. classes. Hopefully by the time this is over I will have FINALLY figured out what I want to do with my life! Yeah I know, I probably should have been sure BEFORE I got into the nursing program... silly me

Anyway I am very excited to be back. I feel like provo is my home now, and anywhere else is just uncomfortable. The bubble is my kingdom :)

Of course there are things I don't like about Provo...

#1. Its nearly impossible to do missionary work. Sure, you can always be a missionary "through example", but I'm talking about real live "do you believe in God? Let me tell you about Him" stuff. I sometimes forget that there are other people out there besides Mormons. And the worst part about it is that I also sometimes forget how lucky I am to be a Mormon. But hey, more motivation to serve a mission right?

#2. For some reason the 22-year-old men I meet here seem to be way less mature than those I meet elsewhere. I honestly have no explanation for why this is.

#3. I can't wear my sports shorts and tank top to the gym without getting sent to hell by five hundred BYU students. Yes, I am aware of the fact that I just wrote an intensive post on why modesty is important. Let's just say I'm still working on the whole 'practice what you preach' thing

#4. EVERYBODY plays the guitar, EVERYBODY sings, and EVERYBODY plays the piano. I'm not as unique as I thought, and that hurts!


#6. I can't go to the Temple on Saturday mornings without waiting in line for nearly 3 hours... (okay okay I suppose that's a good thing)

#7. It's nearly impossible to stay on a diet when all of your roommates have crushes on boys in the ward and want to bake them cookies or pie or cake or whatever so they make like 5 billion batches and all the left-overs get put in every area of the apartment that i just happen to walk by a LOT.

#8. Taking a picture for the ward directory is way too stressful here. There's just so much more pressure for it to look good.

#9. There are runners EVERYWHERE! It's so annoying. Stop running! I'm so sick of you runner people. I'm sick of avoiding you on my bike, I'm sick of trying not to hit you with my car, and I'm sick of having you pass me on the sidewalk when I'M running! (these sentiments also apply to engaged people)

#10. If you want awesome Provo social skills just memorize the following: "Where'd you serve your mission? What apartment are you in? What's your major? Are you dating anyone? Do you want to be? Where are you from? Oh really, what part? No way, my friend's brother's wife's cousin's hairdresser served her mission there! Are you going to ward prayer tonight?" repeat dialogue for every person you meet.

Yeah. Well that's all I can think of and I'm about to go to ward prayer so...until next time!

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  1. I feel so in on your life now! Yay :) -- tillie