Sunday, June 17, 2012


So... yesterday I moved back to Provo! YAY! I'm here for a fun summer semester of career exploration and P.E. classes. Hopefully by the time this is over I will have FINALLY figured out what I want to do with my life! Yeah I know, I probably should have been sure BEFORE I got into the nursing program... silly me

Anyway I am very excited to be back. I feel like provo is my home now, and anywhere else is just uncomfortable. The bubble is my kingdom :)

Of course there are things I don't like about Provo...

#1. Its nearly impossible to do missionary work. Sure, you can always be a missionary "through example", but I'm talking about real live "do you believe in God? Let me tell you about Him" stuff. I sometimes forget that there are other people out there besides Mormons. And the worst part about it is that I also sometimes forget how lucky I am to be a Mormon. But hey, more motivation to serve a mission right?

#2. For some reason the 22-year-old men I meet here seem to be way less mature than those I meet elsewhere. I honestly have no explanation for why this is.

#3. I can't wear my sports shorts and tank top to the gym without getting sent to hell by five hundred BYU students. Yes, I am aware of the fact that I just wrote an intensive post on why modesty is important. Let's just say I'm still working on the whole 'practice what you preach' thing

#4. EVERYBODY plays the guitar, EVERYBODY sings, and EVERYBODY plays the piano. I'm not as unique as I thought, and that hurts!


#6. I can't go to the Temple on Saturday mornings without waiting in line for nearly 3 hours... (okay okay I suppose that's a good thing)

#7. It's nearly impossible to stay on a diet when all of your roommates have crushes on boys in the ward and want to bake them cookies or pie or cake or whatever so they make like 5 billion batches and all the left-overs get put in every area of the apartment that i just happen to walk by a LOT.

#8. Taking a picture for the ward directory is way too stressful here. There's just so much more pressure for it to look good.

#9. There are runners EVERYWHERE! It's so annoying. Stop running! I'm so sick of you runner people. I'm sick of avoiding you on my bike, I'm sick of trying not to hit you with my car, and I'm sick of having you pass me on the sidewalk when I'M running! (these sentiments also apply to engaged people)

#10. If you want awesome Provo social skills just memorize the following: "Where'd you serve your mission? What apartment are you in? What's your major? Are you dating anyone? Do you want to be? Where are you from? Oh really, what part? No way, my friend's brother's wife's cousin's hairdresser served her mission there! Are you going to ward prayer tonight?" repeat dialogue for every person you meet.

Yeah. Well that's all I can think of and I'm about to go to ward prayer so...until next time!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Different Kind of Integrity

I am writing this post at 12:45 am on June 16, 2012. So much has happened since my last post but its late and I'm tired and I don't feel like filling you in on all of it.
But here's a comic I came across earlier today that wasn't very funny at the time but seems to be extremely funny now. maybe thats cuz its almost 1am

anyway I was just thinking about life and food and stuff and I felt compelled to, instead of being responsible and going to bed, type up everything I've been thinking about so all 6 of my followers can read it and know exactly what's going on in my head :)

Let's start with what I did today.
I woke up at my great aunt Leah's house in north Salt Lake, ate some food, took a shower, left, drove to gateway bridal, looked at dresses, tried on dresses, left, drove to some other dress store, tried on some dresses, left, repeat 5 times.
This went on for hours. Dress after dress, store after store, until I even started trying on the strapless ones and convinced myself it wouldn't be THAT hard to add on sleeves. And then the little fashionista on my shoulder screamed NOOOOO Emily I refuse to let you wear an over-all dress AGAIN!!! And I came home empty-handed and angry.

Why is it so dang hard to find a modest dress that isn't poofy and doesn't have a square neckline that makes it look like a skirt with a t-shirt on top? WHY? I can see the perfect dress in my head, and I'm not Tony Bowls or Sheri Hill or anything but my idea of the perfect dress is pretty dang attractive and I can't figure out why top designers haven't started making all of their dresses look like MY DESIGN. Seriously. It's not hard to make one of those sexy, sleek jersey gowns have TWO long sleeves instead of just one. Or to take one of those big old latter-day-bride poofy dresses with the pretty sweetheart necklines and TAKE OUT THE POOF but leave the pretty neckline! I have never seen a dress like that in my life and I can't figure out why.

Okay okay, I found one. But guess how much it costs? You don't even want to know. More that what I'd get in scholarship money for winning the dang pageant that's for sure...
But you know what's even harder to figure out? Why I'm going all crazy about this when I could just buy my favorite gown and wear it, modest or not, for the evening gown competition like any other normal human being would.
Sometimes I really wonder why i bother. 
And sometimes I'm almost convinced NOT to bother anymore
But then something always happens that reminds me

This time it was last friday at Miss Idaho. I had bombed my interview and gotten so nervous for talent competition that my piano solo ended up sounding like mashed potatoes. Then, after seeing everyone in their swimsuits and evening gowns I realized my body wasn't anywhere close to where it needed to be to compete with the other girls in lifestyle and fitness, and my dress looked totally cheap compared to the others. My confidence was shot and I felt totally inadequate in every single area of competition. I remember feeling completely hopeless and wondering what the heck I was even doing there at Miss Idaho with 19 women who were totally in a different league. 
Finally, I went out on stage in my cute purple interview dress to answer the onstage question and, in spite of how awful everything had gone earlier that day, I rocked it! My answer was fluent, intelligent, and confident, and I should've been totally excited to have FINALLY done something right! but I wasn't. Instead I walked off that stage feeling guilty that my three younger cousins out in the audience, who looked up to me so much, had just seen me present myself to over a thousand people in a dress that didn't fit the standards of modesty given to me by the leaders of my church. It was cute, yes, and it had a very high neckline so in all reality I was showing less skin than most modest dresses show anyway. but it didn't cover my shoulders, and I know for a fact that if President Monson had been there that day there's no way in heck I would've walked out on that stage wearing that dress. I should have read the signs when two months earlier i tried to wear it to church but felt so uncomfortable I couldn't ever take my jacket off...

anyway the funny thing about this was that I was totally upset about how everything had gone competition-wise and in my mind there wasn't even a glimmer of hope left to hang on to -  and yet without realizing it I gave up the one thing that I actually DID have to hang on to - my convictions. Although I HAD been modest in every other area of competition, it wasn't complete because I had let my standards fall just a tiny bit in order to wear that dress I liked so much. And my cousins saw me do that. 
Maybe not everyone would agree that my dress was immodest and they might say that it was totally in line with the reasons why we've been given modesty guidelines in the first place (you know, SPIRIT of the law not letter...) but that's not the point -  the point was that I understood in that moment of guilt the impact that I was making on my little cousins' views about modesty and compromise and standing for what you believe in. So i decided right then that if I was going to be modest, I was gonna do it all the way and follow every little itty bitty rule as if my life depended on it. 
Because you never know who's watching you
and you never know who looks up to you more than anyone else
and you may not ever realize it when something that you do or say impacts them in a negative way (ooh that rhymed!)

We each have the ability to be an amazing influence on those around us, simply through example. Sure, they say that integrity is doing what's right even when no one is watching, but I think its also following commandments we may not fully understand, simply because you never know who IS watching. 

I don't care if you believe in modesty or not or even if you have a totally different idea about what modesty IS. I care if you believe in what you BELIEVE in. If you're going to have convictions about something then have them and don't ever compromise them for anything, whatever they may be. I believe that the gospel of Jesus Christ was restored to this earth by a latter-day prophet and that part of living that gospel requires keeping the commandments we've been given. Modesty is one of them. And because I believe in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, I believe in being modest. 

That being said, my quest for a modest, fashionable evening gown continues tomorrow... and if I don't find one then bring on the over-all's!!! :)

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Funny Valentines Day

In case you aren't aware, Tuesday is Valentine's Day! YEEEESSSS!!! And can I just say I now know personally that February truly is the ultimate month of love. For real. Maybe not for me, but I did get to be cupid this year :) Which was LOADS of fun. 

Alright I need to confess something. I really don't like Valentine's Day at all. I've only ever NOT been single once in my life on V-day and I have to admit I've been bitter about the holiday ever since. I usually don't tell people that, though, because I don't want to seem like a desperate whiny single girl. But hey, maybe I AM! And if you had been through what I have in the last few days, you would be too. So don't judge me :)

That being said, here's a lovely little comic that sums up my Valentine's Day history:

bahaha just kidding I've never done this...just kidding maybe I have...just kidding no really I haven't...

Anyway I thought that was worthy of sharing.

Oh and I decided I want a puppy.


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It's been a while...

Okay I admit I got pretty excited when I started this blog. I got so excited I wrote like, eight entries over the space of two weeks! My friends told me I was silly for starting a blog and that I wouldn’t keep it up, but I refused to believe them and insisted that I would be faithful to my praying mantis and conquer the universe with my blog!!!!!!!! This was me:

Whelp, they were right. Tis January, and the last post I did was WAAAAAAY back in October. Three months is a hecka long time my friends. And a lot has happened since then. I mean, A LOT.

So here’s a brief summary:

Halloween was awesome. I got my face painted!

Oh and me and my ‘boy’ friend (at the time) went to the Stake dance as Sandy and Danny from Grease! Woot! Skylar caught me practicing my hair-do...

And yes, I wore tight black pants and a leather jealous… Actually don’t be jealous. We broke up the next day. But for the ward halloween party I went as a zombie prom queen. That was cool....

Oooooh then I found out I GOT INTO THE NURSING PROGRAM!!! Yaaaaaaay I felt like a total smarty-pants! Until I got a sixty-something on my Organic Chemistry test. Euphoria=gone. I was a wittle baby who got her candy taken away :(

We did lots of fun things in November... including ice skating...

And Tae-bo...

And singing....

And quoting movies...

And I don't know what this is called but we did it...

Uh... I also don't know what this is but apparently I did it...
What can I say? I like brooms!

Anyway my brodah also came home from his mission in November, so my roomies and I drove to Brigham City to paint a sign on the side of the freeway for him! Long story short – we got stuck in the mud, pulled over by the cops, lost in Salt Lake, and finally met up with my fresh return missionary brother around 2am. It was a lovely evening...

Then came Thanksgiving! Woohoo! I got to go home and be with my family for like, 2 weeks! Plus my brother had just come back so it was the first time in TWO YEARS we got to spend time together as a complete family. Oh and I forgot to mention the fact that my sister brought an amazing guy with her. (GO TIA!!!) Anyway it was a very much needed break and I loved spending it with the fam. 

After Thanksgiving we had a ward talent show!!! YAY!!! So I decided to write a parody of my own song that I wrote last year... it's called the Edward song :)

After the talent show we had one miserable week of school and then…get ready for it…FINALS!!!! (I wish you could see me dancing right now). And I’m not being sarcastic at all when I say that     very  excitedly   . I may be the only person you will ever know who absolutely ADORES finals week. I would probably marry it if it were male, Mormon, and taller than 6”2. (BTW If you are reading this and realize that I just described you, please look me up). Anyway finals week is awesome because you have no obligations except for your tests! And as soon as you’re finished, you feel like someone just handed you a million dollars. Or told you that you are secretly a princess. Or told you that you are destined to marry that perfect guy from your physiology class. Its such a relief! Plus you can build a finals fort like we did...

So during the week of finals, I made some major life-changing decisions:
2. I decided to move from my beloved home at glenwood to a quieter, more ritzy condo called La Jolla
3. I took a job as a wilderness therapy field instructor for the Christmas break

How are these life-changing, might you ask? Well for one, chopping off my hair gave me a new sense of strength I didn’t know I had. Seriously. I feel like a new woman. And I feel like I can finally be free from the bonds of self-consciousness. Having next to no hair is hard at times because it forces you to just be who you are because you have nothing to hide behind. But that’s what I love most about it. Plus it takes like ten minutes to get ready in the morning!

And I get to do all sorts of fun things with it...
AHH! I just scared myself by looking at myself! But really though, my hair IS pretty cute...


Moving has changed my life too, and in a very similar way. I don’t know anyone in my ward, any of my neighbors, or even my roommates, so I have been forced to totally step out of my comfort zone the last week and meet BRAND NEW PEOPLE. Its freaking hard. But I’m glad I have to do it because its making me stronger ;)

And finally, the desert job. This was the most life-changing of all! I was really nervous to go out the first day because I knew it was going to be really cold… But I was totally wrong. It wasn’t cold, it was INSANELY FREEZING. I woke up one morning with toes as white as snow and I about died of a heart attack in fear of my toes falling off.  I slept in a fleece sleeping bag liner, a -20 degree mummy bag, and a wiggy overbag on top of that. Plus I had a steaming hot water bottle at my feet and most nights I STILL couldn’t keep warm. I bawled and bawled the first couple days and begged my supervisor to let me come home but he told me to stick it out and I sure am glad as heck that I did. Spending Christmas out there with ten amazing young women was pretty much the highlight of my life so far, and it makes me sick to think I might have missed it. 
(aww wasn’t that heart-warming?)

So yeah. That’s what’s happened the past couple of months. No, I am not dating anyone, yes, I am back in school, and yes, I love BYU and I love living in the bubble. Provo is my home.

As for right now, I just started my first semester in the nursing program and I am working as a model for BYU’s figure drawing classes (BEST JOB EVER). I just lost ten pounds and I feel healthier than brussel sprouts. Also, a cute boy asked me for my number today! Life is GOOD :D