Saturday, October 8, 2011


I love saying that. Especially when texting. I think it is the best way to tell someone that what they said just caused me to throw out a downright full and hearty laugh. However people often don't understand what I mean by the word 'bahahaha'. Texting is gay like that, because everyone has their own code. I hate it! When I see "lol" I find myself thinking, man, did they really just laugh out loud? or did they maybe sort of chuckle? or are they annoyed with me and can't think of anything to reply except lol? or maybe they're at the zoo and saw a Lion On LSD? (although in that case lol could definitely have a double meaning. I know I would laugh out loud if I saw a lion on LSD)

On a side note, last year my roommates and I had a poster on our wall that identified every texting acronym out there and what they all meant. My favorite was fysbigtbabr. It means, "fasten your seatbelts it's going to be a bumpy ride". lol. oh my goodness I just used that stupid acronym I was just complaining about...sorry

Anyway, back to my rant about texting. I hate it and I love it.

Reasons why I love it:
1. You have time to plan exactly what you want to say to someone
2. You can say anything that you are too scared to say in real life
3. You can annoy the crap out of someone by sending them 5 or more texts in a row without a reply
4. You can send mass texts to people you don't really know when you feel lonely and then suddenly you will feel popular again
5. You can make an ordinary text from a cute guy mean whatever you want it to mean (example: he says, "lol" and you think he thinks you're the funniest person on earth but really he hates you and wants to end the conversation)
6. chacha
7. You can "accidentally" text that cute guy and start a conversation that you would never actually have in real life
8. You can ignore people's texts and never have to answer for it
9. You can text people at 3 in the morning
10. When I get a text my phone dings and it reminds me of the noise my toaster makes when my toast is ready


Reasons why I hate it:
1. Creepy dudes have time to plan exactly what they want to say to you
2. Creepy dudes can tell you anything they are too afraid to tell you in real life
3. People (not just creepy dudes) can annoy the crap out of you by sending you 5 or more text messages in a row without a reply
4. You can get all sorts of random mass text messages from people you don't know and then you feel like you have to reply and make them feel popular or you're a jerk
5. A creeper can make an ordinary text from you mean whatever he wants it to mean (Example: you say, "lol" and he thinks you think he is the funniest guy on earth but really you hate him and want to end the conversation. or maybe you actually did see a Lion on LSD)
6. You can get random texts from Pizza Pie Cafe saying that you've won free pizza for a year and then your world is crushed when you find out it was a scam
7. You can legitimately accidentally text some creepy dude and then he wont ever leave you alone
8. People can ignore your texts and never have to answer for it
9. Creepy dudes can text you at 3 in the morning
10. When I get a text message it dings and reminds me of the noise my roommate's alarm makes at 6 in the morning when I don't have class until 1pm

also texting ruins your social skills.

I once had a boyfriend who told me he liked me through a text, asked me out through a text, asked me to be his girlfriend through a note (yay!) and told me he thought he was in love with me through a text as well. So naturally, I broke up with him through an email. (no, this was not in middle school. we were 17 years old) We were great at flirting in real life. but whenever we had to talk about anything that was actually important or serious, he would shut down and then text me about it later.

Texting is such a trap because once you figure out how easy it is to text somebody about something that's hard to talk about in real life, then that's all you ever do. This totally happened with a guy I dated last year. We  could've had an awesome relationship, but we started talking to each other through texting and face book and did it so much that we didn't know what to say when we were actually with each other. So it fizzled and we lost the awesome opportunity we had. Months later we are finally good friends and to be honest I might still like him but this time I am refusing to text him about anything important or for long periods of time, because I don't want history to just repeat itself. I want to get to know him as a person, which is impossible to do through texting.

moral of this post:

if you like someone don't text them! call them and invite them to hang out! or stalk them until you know everything they do every day and then do everything they do until they notice how alike you are and then they will want to be your girlfriend/boyfriend. Also if you see a lion on LSD please text me.

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